Aadmi Group of Companies is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada engaged in the car wash, oil and lube, real estate development, and investment industries.

We have grown over 83% in the past years and continues to excel at a rapid pace. We strive to achieve company goals by challenging ourselves in acquiring the highest level of professionalism and supporting those who are associated with our trades.

We value human potential, and the talent search is an on-going process. We feel pride in developing people to exceed even their own expectations. We encourage employee professionalism in conjunction with the growth of the Company.

Aadmi Group has an excellent reward system to motivate its employees and offers them the freedom to operate independently in the best interest of the Company and its growth. Our team of professionals are committed to taking the Company to the next level.

Employment Creation:

As a group, we have created employment for over 100 people and as per our projected plans, we will employ over 400 employees by the year 2015.

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